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Prescription Lenses

Rocky Mount's Best Selection & Prices for Any Vision Need

No matter what your vision needs are, Envolve Optical in Rocky Mount stocks the prescription lenses you need to see life more clearly. Every person has different needs and preferences when it comes to eyeglasses. Envolve Optical makes it easy to get the right lenses, matched with designer frames at affordable prices for the entire family.

We have a wide variety of prescription lens options for men, women, and children of all ages available to pair with the designer frames that suit your personality.

Envolve partners with Essilor Labs of America to offer customers in Rocky Mount a variety of quality prescription lens options perfect for any vision condition available in a wide variety of materials.

Which Prescription Lenses Are Right for You?

Whether you need glasses to see objects in the distance, right up close, or only when reading, Envolve Optical has the perfect lenses for you. Read further to see which type of prescription lenses suit you best.

Single Vision Glasses

Single vision glasses are your classic prescription lenses which have just one vision. These lenses can be used for near-sighted individuals, far-sighted individuals or those in need of reading glasses. Envolve Optical carries the best selection of single vision prescription lenses in Rocky Mount.

Aspheric Lenses

Rather than your typical rounded (spherical) lenses, aspheric lenses are uneven in curvature and are designed for individuals with distorted vision. These lenses can work for those who are near or farsighted, and can also be used to reduce astigmatisms. A nice feature of  these lenses is that they tend to be thinner than regular, single-vision classes.


Another common type of lens is the bifocal lens, which has two viewing areas: the majority of which is for distance viewing while a section at the bottom of the lens is optimized for reading. They simultaneously correct vision for people who have trouble seeing at a distance and close-up. These are commonly prescribed to those who are losing their ability to see close-up due to age.

Progressive Lenses

Similar to bifocals, progressives start with distance vision at the top of the lens, transition to intermediate in the middle, and end with near vision at the bottom. However, unlike bifocals, there’s no line between the two viewing areas with progressives, they just slowly fade from one vision to the next.

Photochromic Lenses

Also known as transition lenses, photochromic lenses automatically darken when the sun’s UV rays hit them. This can help users skip the cost of buying both prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, since these are 2 in 1. You can get them in single-vision lenses, bifocal lenses and more. Try Transitions brand lenses or other types of photochromic lenses at Envolve Optical.


Polycarbonate lenses are tough lenses manufactured to be up to 10x more impact-resistant than standard prescription lenses. These lenses are perfect for children and people who are often very active. A nice benefit to these lenses is that they too have built-in 100% UV protection.

Add a Lens Coating for Extra Protection

What makes polycarbonate lenses so strong is the scratch-resistant coating on the material. Envolve Optical offers lenses with other coatings that have added benefits to make your glasses work even better for you. Learn more about lens coatings:

Anti-reflective Coating

Not only would anti-reflective coatings make your lenses more scratch-resistant, they reduce glare and reflection. These too can have UV protection, reducing the possibility of sun damage to the eyes.

Blue Light Reduction Coating

Designed for the digital era, Blue Light Reduction lenses cut down on digital eye strain that comes with looking at computer screens and smart phones for extended periods of time. This coating is virtually clear, so it barely affects the look of the lens.

Other Coatings

Though quite a few of the coatings listed have this benefit, other various scratch-resistant coatings exist to cut down on damage to your lenses, which can extend the life of your glasses. Similarly, there are other specific coatings that can help your eyes avoid dangerous UV rays, which can prevent sun-related damage like cataracts, macular degeneration, and other short- or long-term issues.

Prescription Lens Brands

Envolve carries the most popular prescription lens brands at our Rocky Mount Mills store. We proudly stock the following brands:

Crizal Logo

Crizal No-Glare Lenses

Increase the durability of your lenses and protect your eyes from UV rays with these lenses. Crizal lenses  offer glare, scratch and smudge protection to give you the clearest vision possible.


Transitions Logo

Transitions Adaptive Lenses

Going from day to night and inside to outside is easy with Transitions Adaptive Lenses. these lenses adapt to changing light, keeping you comfortable and protected in all conditions.

Varilux Logo

Varilux Progressive Lenses

If you need glasses to see up close and far away, Varilux progressive lenses are superior to bifocals because they provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance.


Xperio UV Logo

XperioUV Polarized Lenses

Make sure prescription sunglasses are more than a fashion statement with these lenses. XperioUV lenses provide maximum UV protection and reduce damage, glares, smudges and dust for the best vision under the sun.

Buy Prescription Lenses at Envolve Optical

Visit our Rocky Mount Mills store to find the pair of prescription lenses right for your vision needs and pair them with the set of high-quality designer frames that best matches your individual style. Find us at 1118 Falls Road today! Have questions? Call us at 252-544-9296 or contact us for more information!

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