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Contact Lenses

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Types of Contact Lenses

Technology has evolved to produce a wide range of contact lens solutions to fulfill virtually any vision need.

Envolve Optical carries contact lenses from leading brands, including disposal, soft, daily wear and extended wear contacts.

Properly Care for Your Contact Lenses

Unlike prescription lenses, contact lenses require special care considerations.

  • Rinse Your Contact Lenses: Regularly rinsing your contact lenses ensures they are free from dust, dirt and other particles that can scratch your eyes and lead to serious infections or injury.
  • Keep Contacts Moist with Artificial Tears: Eye drops can prevent your contacts from drying out. Try applying a few drops of moisturizing artificial tears about 15 minutes before putting your contacts in for the day.
  • Don’t Rely Exclusively On Your Contacts: Contact lenses are great for everyday use, but there are some situations where prescription glasses or sunglasses are better options. If you know you’ll be out in the sun all day or participating in rigorous activities, it may be best to use a different form of eye protection.
  • Regularly Schedule Exams to Ensure Your Contacts Are Working For You: If you experience any discomfort, redness or are having problems seeing properly, you should be seen by your eye doctor.