Benefits of Sunglasses for Eye Health

Date: 2018-08-16

Sunglasses are more than a stylish accessory – they’re a crucial tool in ensuring your eyes remain healthy year-round.

Whether you’re enjoying the outdoors during the summer or driving to work in the winter, you should never leave your sunglasses at home.

Here’s why:

Sunglasses Are Designed to Protect

The most important job your sunglasses have is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight, and even short-term direct contact can create painful or irritable symptoms.

Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes from the Elements

We don’t see a lot of snow in Rocky Mount, but if you’re planning to leave town for a ski trip, don’t leave your sunglasses at home. A fresh blanket of snow can reflect 80% of the sun’s UV rays directly into your eyes and burn your corneas.

When you’re walking down the beach without sunglasses, grains of sand can get in your eyes and cause permanent damage. Everyday dust blown by the wind can also irritate and potentially damage eyes.

Sun Exposure Can Bring on Migraines

Bright sunlight can really get to your head. Aside from the possibility of developing a bad headache, sunlight exposure can strain your eyesight, making your day much less comfortable.

You’ll See Better

If you’re at the ballgame or the beach you’ll want to be able to take in everything around you. If you’re driving, you’ll be more in tune with your surroundings and be safer on the roads.

What Kind of Sunglasses Should I Buy?

You should love your sunglasses! Find a pair that matches your style and looks good on you. But most importantly, always opt for sunglasses that provide UVA and UBA protection.

Polarized lenses reduce the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye, reducing glare and making images appear sharper and clearer. Polarized lenses also reduce the amount of strain on your eyes so you’ll find yourself squinting less than you would with standard sunglasses.

Consult with an eye care professional to help determine the best pair for you if you require prescription lenses. Stop by Envolve Optical to see our extensive selection of designer sunglasses and prescription sunglasses options.

Learn more about protecting your eyes from the sun's UVA and UVB rays with this short video: