Dear Patients

Envolve Optical closed at the end of December 2022. We encourage you to select another eye care provider to continue your eye care, here are a few options in the Rocky Mount area:

  • Rocky Mount Eye, PA: 450 Jones Rd., (252) 443-1006
  • Eye Care Center: 819 Tiffany Blvd., (252) 972-2020
  • Eye Care Center: 3044 Sunset Ave., (252) 443-7011
  • MyEyeDr: 901 N Winstead Ave. Suite 190, (252) 937-7777

You may also utilize the North Carolina Board of Optometry's website to locate another eye care provider to continue your care:

All medical records are being transferred to Morgan Records Management for ongoing HIPAA-compliant management and custodianship. To obtain copies of your medical records from Envolve Optical, or to have your records sent to your new eye care provider, please follow the instructions below:

  • To request your medical records online, go to
    • Select "Patient Record Requests", then click "Request My Medical Records". 
    • Complete the online form to submit your request.
  • You may also request copies of your medical records via email at or by phone at 833-888-0061.
  • Please note:
    • In accordance with applicable state law, you may be charged for the copying and transmittal of the records.
    • There may be a transition period from the time the office closes until the time that Morgan Records Management has access to your medical records.  In the interim, you may contact Envolve Optical at 252-544-9296.

Thank you for supporting Envolve Optical, it has been our honor to serve you!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions!